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the navit core instance. navit is the object containing nearly everything: A set of maps, one or more vehicle, a graphics object for rendering the map, a gui object for displaying the user interface, a route object, a navigation object and so on. Be warned that it is theoretically possible to have more than one navit object

Detailed Description

Navit, a modular navigation system. Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Navit Team

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.


struct  attr_iter
struct  navit
struct  navit_vehicle
 The navit_vehicule. More...


int navit_add_attr (struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
void navit_add_bookmark (struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description)
static void navit_add_bookmarks_from_file (struct navit *this_)
void navit_add_callback (struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb)
static void navit_add_former_destinations_from_file (struct navit *this_)
static int navit_add_log (struct navit *this_, struct log *log)
void navit_add_mapset (struct navit *this_, struct mapset *ms)
void navit_add_message (struct navit *this_, char *message)
static int navit_add_vehicle (struct navit *this_, struct vehicle *v)
void navit_announcer_toggle (struct navit *this_)
 Toggles the navigation announcer for navit.
static void navit_append_coord (struct navit *this_, char *file, struct pcoord *c, const char *type, const char *description, GHashTable *h, int limit)
void navit_attr_iter_destroy (struct attr_iter *iter)
struct attr_iter * navit_attr_iter_new ()
static void navit_autozoom (struct navit *this_, struct coord *center, int speed, int draw)
 Automatically adjusts zoom level.
int navit_block (struct navit *this_, int block)
static void navit_button (void *data, int pressed, int button, struct point *p)
int navit_check_route (struct navit *this_)
 Checks if a route is calculated.
static void navit_cmd_set_center_cursor (struct navit *this_)
static int navit_cmd_zoom_in (struct navit *this_)
static int navit_cmd_zoom_out (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_cmd_zoom_to_route (struct navit *this)
void navit_destroy (struct navit *this_)
void navit_draw (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_draw_async (struct navit *this_, int async)
void navit_draw_displaylist (struct navit *this_)
static int navit_former_destinations_active (struct navit *this_)
int navit_get_attr (struct navit *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
static char * navit_get_bookmark_file (gboolean create)
static char * navit_get_center_file (gboolean create)
static int navit_get_cursor_pnt (struct navit *this_, struct point *p, int *dir)
static char * navit_get_destination_file (gboolean create)
struct displaylist * navit_get_displaylist (struct navit *this_)
struct graphics * navit_get_graphics (struct navit *this_)
struct guinavit_get_gui (struct navit *this_)
int navit_get_height (struct navit *this_)
struct mapsetnavit_get_mapset (struct navit *this_)
struct message * navit_get_messages (struct navit *this_)
struct navigation * navit_get_navigation (struct navit *this_)
struct routenavit_get_route (struct navit *this_)
struct tracking * navit_get_tracking (struct navit *this_)
struct transformation * navit_get_trans (struct navit *this_)
static char * navit_get_user_data_directory (gboolean create)
struct vehicleprofilenavit_get_vehicleprofile (struct navit *this_)
int navit_get_width (struct navit *this_)
int navit_handle_button (struct navit *this_, int pressed, int button, struct point *p, struct callback *popup_callback)
void navit_handle_motion (struct navit *this_, struct point *p)
void navit_handle_resize (struct navit *this_, int w, int h)
int navit_ignore_button (struct navit *this_)
void navit_ignore_graphics_events (struct navit *this_, int ignore)
void navit_init (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_motion (void *data, struct point *p)
static void navit_motion_timeout (struct navit *this_)
struct navit * navit_new (struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
static void navit_popup (void *data)
static void navit_projection_set (struct navit *this_, enum projection pro)
static void navit_redraw_route (struct navit *this_, struct route *route, struct attr *attr)
int navit_remove_attr (struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
void navit_remove_callback (struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb)
static void navit_resize (void *data, int w, int h)
void navit_say (struct navit *this_, char *text)
static void navit_scale (struct navit *this_, long scale, struct point *p, int draw)
int navit_set_attr (struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
static int navit_set_attr_do (struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr, int init)
void navit_set_center (struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *center)
static void navit_set_center_coord_screen (struct navit *this_, struct coord *c, struct point *p)
static void navit_set_center_cursor (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_set_center_from_file (struct navit *this_, char *file)
void navit_set_center_screen (struct navit *this_, struct point *p)
void navit_set_destination (struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description, int async)
static int navit_set_graphics (struct navit *this_, struct graphics *gra)
static int navit_set_gui (struct navit *this_, struct gui *gui)
void navit_set_position (struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c)
static void navit_set_vehicle (struct navit *this_, struct navit_vehicle *nv)
static int navit_set_vehicleprofile (struct navit *this_, char *name)
void navit_speak (struct navit *this_)
int navit_speech_estimate (struct navit *this_, char *str)
static void navit_textfile_debug_log (struct navit *this_, const char *fmt,...)
static void navit_vehicle_draw (struct navit *this_, struct navit_vehicle *nv, struct point *pnt)
static void navit_vehicle_update (struct navit *this_, struct navit_vehicle *nv)
void navit_window_roadbook_destroy (struct navit *this_)
void navit_window_roadbook_new (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_window_roadbook_update (struct navit *this_)
static void navit_write_center_to_file (struct navit *this_, char *file)
void navit_zoom_in (struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p)
void navit_zoom_out (struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p)
void navit_zoom_to_route (struct navit *this_, int orientation)
static void update_transformation (struct transformation *tr, struct point *old, struct point *new, struct point *rot)


static struct command_table commands []
struct navit * global_navit
struct guimain_loop_gui

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