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struct map_rect* map_rect_new ( struct map m,
struct map_selection sel 
) [read]

Creates a new map rect.

This creates a new map rect, which can be used to retrieve items from a map. If sel is a linked-list of selections, all of them will be used. If you pass NULL as sel, this means "get me the whole map".

m The map to build the rect on
sel Map selection to choose the rectangle - may be NULL, see description
A new map rect

Definition at line 269 of file map.c.

References map_rect::m, map_methods::map_rect_new, map::meth, map::priv, and map_rect::priv.

Referenced by get_item_seg_coords(), and route_find_nearest_street().

      struct map_rect *mr;

#if 0
      printf("map_rect_new 0x%x,0x%x-0x%x,0x%x\n", r->lu.x, r->lu.y, r->rl.x, r->rl.y);
      mr=g_new0(struct map_rect, 1);
      mr->priv=m->meth.map_rect_new(m->priv, sel);
      if (! mr->priv) {

      return mr;

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