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struct item* map_rect_get_item ( struct map_rect mr  )  [read]

Gets the next item from a map rect.

Returns an item from a map rect and advances the "item pointer" one step further, so that at the next call the next item is returned. Returns NULL if there are no more items.

mr The map rect to return an item from
An item from the map rect

Definition at line 297 of file map.c.

References map_rect::m, map_methods::map_rect_get_item, map::meth, and map_rect::priv.

Referenced by route_find_nearest_street().

      struct item *ret;
      dbg_assert(mr != NULL);
      dbg_assert(mr->m != NULL);
      dbg_assert(mr->m->meth.map_rect_get_item != NULL);
      if (ret)
      return ret;

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