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static struct map_selection* route_calc_selection ( struct coord c1,
struct coord c2 
) [static, read]

Returns a list of map selections useable to create a route graph.

Returns a list of map selections useable to get a map rect from which items can be retrieved to build a route graph. The selections are a rectangle with c1 and c2 as two corners.

c1 Corner 1 of the rectangle
c2 Corder 2 of the rectangle

Definition at line 828 of file route.c.

References map_selection::next, and route_rect().

Referenced by route_graph_build().

      struct map_selection *ret,*sel;
      sel=route_rect(4, c1, c2, 25, 0);
      sel->next=route_rect(8, c1, c1, 0, 40000);
      sel->next=route_rect(18, c1, c1, 0, 10000);
      sel->next=route_rect(8, c2, c2, 0, 40000);
      sel->next=route_rect(18, c2, c2, 0, 10000);
      /* route_selection=ret; */
      return ret;

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