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int route_contains ( struct route this,
struct item *  item 

Checks if the route passed contains a certain item within the route path.

This function checks if a certain items exists in the path that navit will guide the user to his destination. It does *not* check if this item exists in the route graph!

this The route to check for this item
item The item to search for
True if the item was found, false if the item was not found or the route was not calculated

Definition at line 558 of file route.c.

References route_info::pos.

      if (! this->path2 || !this->path2->path_hash)
            return 0;
      if (item_hash_lookup(this->path2->path_hash, item))
            return 1;
      if (! this->pos || !this->pos->street)
            return 0;
      return item_is_equal(this->pos->street->item, *item);


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