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map_methods Struct Reference

#include <map.h>

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Detailed Description

Holds all functions a map plugin has to implement to be useable.

This structure holds pointers to a map plugin's functions navit's core will call to communicate with the plugin. For further information look into map.c - there exist functions with the same names acting more or less as "wrappers" around the functions here. Especially the arguments (and their meaning) of each function will be described there.

Definition at line 66 of file map.h.

Public Attributes

char * charset
void(* map_destroy )(struct map_priv *priv)
struct item *(* map_rect_create_item )(struct map_rect_priv *mr, enum item_type type)
void(* map_rect_destroy )(struct map_rect_priv *mr)
struct item *(* map_rect_get_item )(struct map_rect_priv *mr)
struct item *(* map_rect_get_item_byid )(struct map_rect_priv *mr, int id_hi, int id_lo)
struct map_rect_priv *(* map_rect_new )(struct map_priv *map, struct map_selection *sel)
void(* map_search_destroy )(struct map_search_priv *ms)
struct item *(* map_search_get_item )(struct map_search_priv *ms)
struct map_search_priv *(* map_search_new )(struct map_priv *map, struct item *item, struct attr *search, int partial)
enum projection pro

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